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With friends like Russia, who needs enemies?

by Jonathan Davis on 23 October 2009

As a European foreigner in Serbia I continue to be amazed at the persistence of the myth that Russia is Serbia’s “friend”; that they are reliable Slavic brothers allied with Serbs against the US and EU oppressors. Serbia even has a pro-Russian party, the only such party outside of the former Soviet Union.

This week as President Medvedev of Russia visited Belgrade, much local airtime and printer ink was devoted to praising Russia’s “billion Euro loan to Serbia”, which was presented as an act of kindness and generosity from the Russians, and touted by Nationalists as evidence of their goodwill (and Serbia’s importance to Russia).

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Один из лучших шедевров антирусской говнопрессы

By Robert Fisk

Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army ON THE ROAD TO PEACE.

OSAMA Bin Laden sat in his gold- fringed robe, guarded by the loyal Arab mujahedin who fought alongside him in Afghanistan. Bearded, taciturn figures - unarmed, but never more than a few yards from the man who recruited them, trained them and then dispatched them to destroy the Soviet army....
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paper roll

here it is!
....когда открываешь эту коробочку, внутри на рулоне написано "Made in France".
Так я не понял, кто кого хочет здесь наебать?

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